March 2015

March 2015

Posted on Monday March 16, 2015 at 12:26PM

March 2015

Winter Reading Program:
On Tuesday, Feb 24 we hosted the in-library portion of our Winter Reading Program.
Our theme was “Celebrate!” We made God’s Eyes (a craft with yarn and Popsicle sticks used by some Mexican tribes in celebrations and in meditating). We also made up a holiday, wrote a story about it and then illustrated some drawings about the story. The drawings are posted in the library.

And here is the story:

Celebrating Muddy Day:
By T, C, L and M

One spring day, Sleepy Head, Jutt, Thor and Itchy decided to celebrate Muddy Day. This was held in the school parking lot because it usually has a large puddle in it. But this year the puddle was too small. The snow had melted but the water did not stay. So Thor hit Jutt (who was an owl) with his hammer. Jutt was struck by lightning. He then flew high into the air and storm clouds formed around him. Then it started to rain.
Sleepy Head was taking a nap in the parking lot. He rolled over and into the puddle. Itchy hit Thor with his club. Thor then fell onto Sleepy Head and Jutt flew down and landed on Sleepy Head’s nose. Itchy joined in. Thor threw mud at Jutt and Itchy. They all stumbled over Sleepy head, landing face first into the puddle.
The Sleepy Head woke up, threw a mud pie at Jutt and then went back to sleep. Itchy was wet, muddy and tired. He fell asleep. He bumped Sleepy Head, who then woke up and hit Itchy with another mud pie.
Jutt and Thor decided to get some treats for the nappers, flew to A&W and got milkshakes for everyone.
The End.

Great story and wonderful drawings!
Thank you to the children who attended. It was a fun filled afternoon.

Winter Reading Program Wrap up:
The Reading Logs need to be completed and returned by March 2. For every 7 hours of reading in January and February, you can have your name entered into the draw for a mini I-Pad. There are 6 to be won. The Winter Reading Program is sponsored by the Northern Lights Library System.

New Books:
We have been receiving many new titles over the past few weeks. Pop in and see what is new!

Happy Reading!

Author: Wandering River Public Library


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