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Winter Reading Program:

We had excellent participation with our Winter Reading Program Reading Log. We had 11 students turn in their logs for a total of 111 hours read in the month of February.
All 11 had their names entered into the Northern Lights Library System Kobo draw. Unfortunately, none of our student’s names were drawn. Great reading everyone!
We had our own draw for two $25 Chapters gift cards for the student’s that turned their logs in. Congratulations to C. and T. 

Looks like SPRING is in the air. The days are getting longer, the pussy willows are blooming and the snow is melting.
Makes one think of GARDENING! If you have green thumbs or wish to have greener ones, come on down and check out our excellent collection of Lois and Jim Holes gardening books. We have everything from how to grow roses and northern climate gardening to composting and thrifty gardening.
In the mean time, look at some seed catalogues, pull out the rubber boots and start planning.
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