Summer Reading Fun

Summer Reading Fun

Posted on Monday August 08, 2011 at 12:31PM

July 12 was a banner day for our Library.

We had a visit from a wonderful story teller, Kathy Jessup.  We also had a very nice crowd attend.

I really enjoyed the story about her mom with the cap gun trying to chase the bear.  Many of the children in the audience could relate as we are in a northern community and a number of them have had encounters with bears. 

We had our Summer Reading Program after Kathy finished regaling us with her colorful stories.  Our theme this year was SPLASH!  We had several craft activities and some outdoor fun.  Unfortunately our kites did not work well.  The monkey parachuters were a huge hit, though.

Thank you to Kathy for spending her time with us and THANK YOU to everyone who came out and made the day one not soon forgotten.

Happy Reading!

Jen the Librarian 

Author: Wandering River Public Library


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