May 2014

May 2014 Alberta Library Conference Many thanks again to the Athabasca County Library Board for sending me to the Alberta Library Conference at the end of April in Jasper. The key note speakers were incredible. We heard Neil Pasricha speak about his books about “AWESOME”. Neil started the blog to help himself out of a dark period of his life. He began blogging about all the incredible things he treasures in life like walking on crunchy leaves, flipping your pillow over to the ... More...

April 2014 News

April 2014 Spring Break Hours: The Wandering River Library will be closed Monday, March 31 and Tuesday, April 1 due to Spring Break. We will also be closed Monday, April 21 for Easter. Hopefully the weather warms up for Spring Break. Library Board Looking For A Few ``More`` Good People: Our Library Board is looking to add a few more interested individuals to sit on our advisory committee. We are currently short a treasurer and could use two or three more directors. We meet four t... More...

March 2014 News

March 2014 Winter Reading Program: On Tuesday, Feb 25 we hosted the in-library portion of our Winter Reading Program. Our theme was “Reading in a Winter Wonderland”. We wrote a story about our theme and illustrated books around our story. Here is the story. Reading In a Winter Wonderland By S, E, T,C and M Once upon a time, Shaylen, Magilla Gorrilla and a horse names Jazzy built a snowman. While they were building a snowman, they found a book. This was a special... More...

February 2014 News

New Additions! We have expanded our First Nations Collection with additions for all ages. New titles included selections featuring traditions of the First Nations of Canada by region and by tribes: Blackfoot, Dene, Inuit, Sioux, Metis, Huron and the Ojibwa to list a few. These are very suitable for younger readers but hold a wealth of information mature readers would find interesting as well. We also received several titles of aboriginal themed fiction to add to our collection. New tit... More...

November News

November 2013 NEW! NEW! NEW! Our newest addition to our collection is an Agriculture themed section. All titles were released by the Alberta Government Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Branch. New titles are: • Horse Handling Facilities • Water Wells Book and DVD • Alberta Yards and Gardens • Growing Native Plants of Western Canada • Methods of Investigating Livestock Predation • Weeds of the Prairies • Horse Health • Home Veget... More...

October News

October 2013 Northern Light Library System Library Conference The Athabasca County Library board sent me to the Northern Lights Library System conference in Elk Point in September. It was an excellent networking opportunity as well as very enlightening. I attended sessions on time management and met three self published authors. There was also a trade show. There were some excellent vendors. Look for new material for our library arriving soon. It was very informative. The conference w... More...

June 2013 News

Wandering River Library News June 2013 Alberta Library Conference The Athabasca County Library board sent me to the Alberta Library Conference at the end of April at the Jasper Park Lodge. There were many motivational speakers, amazing authors, breakout sessions, and a huge trade show. The entire conference was fabulous. I attended sessions on storytelling, freedom of speech, how libraries are the heart of the community and ideas on library marketing. It was a great opportunity and ... More...
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